About Louis


  • B.Sc. with Psychology and Physiology as majors
  • B.Sc. Hon. in Psychology
  • M.Sc. Clinical Psychology and Internship – with distinction
  • Bi-cultural awareness course via MIT


My Experience


  • 36 Years in private practice (21 years in NZ)
  • Consulting psychologist for 14years at Student Health (part-time)
  • Consulting psychologist for 13years at Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre (part-time)
  • Consulting psychologist for 4 years at the Pakuranga Counselling Centre, Auckland (part-time)
  • Consultant for Stratos and Instep Employee Assistance Programs (part-time)
  • Consulting on debrief work for NZ Police (part time)
  • Consulting for Insurance clients (depression, anxiety etc.)


My mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care on and as-needed or preventative basis.


To schedule an appointment, please call: +64 27 207 8631.